Glassware Production

Our company offers a wide range of lubricants by Acheson trade mark that are applied in all the processes of glass manufacture.
Lubricant for scissors Glasdag 60 SL

Synthetic biological neutral lubricant is specially designed to correspond to modern environmental standards. It does not contain mineral oils, silicon, nitrite salts, phosphates and other non-biodegrading materials. It is soluble in water and does not constitute sludge in pipelines.
Lubricant for chutes Glasdag CL-700 and Glasdag CL-710

Lubricants of long-term performance that take thin film shape. They can be applied at cold equipment component parts and dry up in the air. They are also delivered in a new package that allows mixing them in strict proportion without contacting the material and thus provides good results of application. They are also delivered in standard package: tin or glass cans.
Primers for moulds Glasdag 51 SC and Glasdag 52 SC

Preliminary treatment of half-moulds with Glasdag products helps create long-term bound lubricant coating that eliminates the need of additional lubricant application with the brush while starting up new or reconstructed equipment or replenishes lubricant coated with the brush or sprayer. Primers Glasdag are supplied on solvent base, water base or in aerosol spray-can.
Lubricant for moulds Glasdag 21 ML, Glasdag 22 ML and Glasdag GM 400D

The given product line was designed due to continuous research programme aimed at creating the product that corresponds to requirements for glassware surface evenness and shine. Glasdag lubricants designed for brush application keep good appearance of the surface due to minimization of sludge and unwanted deposits in cavities of the mould as well as offer improved effectiveness and productivity.
Lubricant for neck rings (brush) Glasdag 19 NRL
Lubricant for leer conveyor Glasdag 80 CC

Glasdag hard-lubricant material with thermal-insulating properties is designed for the output channel or cross belt conveyor. The coating decrease screening of glassware due to bottom defects and insufficient fixity while transporting to conveyor belt.
Lifetime lubricant for hot bearings Dag® 6105
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